Sola Media serves today’s global church by producing resources for reformation grounded in the historic Christian faith.

Our vision is to see reformation in hearts, homes, and churches around the world—so Christians know the good news of justification in Christ alone through faith alone and experience joy in the sufficiency of Christ, confidence in the assurance of salvation, freedom for their callings in the world, and relentless hope in Christ’s coming kingdom. Soli Deo Gloria.


Our History

Since our founding in 1990 by Dr. Michael Horton, we have expanded from our original White Horse Inn radio show on KKLA in Los Angeles to a multimedia platform downloaded and distributed millions of times and in over 200 countries. With your support and prayers over the years, White Horse Inn, Modern Reformation magazine, Core Christianity, and our international efforts at Theo Global have grown substantially.

In December 2021 our parent organization changed from White Horse, Inc. to Sola Media to encompass and reflect each of these growing efforts. As Sola Media, our leadership and emphasis remain the same. Our work is rooted in Christ and his gospel as proclaimed in the Scriptures, articulated in the Christian confessions, and summarized in the five Solas of the Protestant Reformation: Scripture alone, by grace alone, through faith alone, through Christ alone, and for God’s glory alone.

Through “conversational theology” we feature voices from four confessional Christian traditions—Anglicans, Baptists, Lutherans, and Reformed—without minimizing our differences but engaging in respectful dialogue while remaining united around the core truths of the gospel. With this clear focus on the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, together, we believe that we can and will see a modern reformation with Christ at the center of our lives and the global church.

Our Values

Sound Theology

We take seriously the responsibility of dispensing theological information and strive to steward our audience’s trust by maintaining high standards of theological integrity for our leadership, contributors, and resources.



We create content that is clear and accessible for people across the span of seasons, experiences, cultural contexts, and theological backgrounds, helping people connect the dots between the Bible, doctrine, worship, and life.



We maintain a posture of humble confidence, welcoming different voices to the table and engaging in compassionate conversations with different perspectives. We give to our staff, contributors, and audiences as generously as possible.



We uphold high standards of truth, goodness, and beauty in our every endeavor. We value quality over quantity, seeking out the best ways to serve our staff, donors, and audiences.



We do our work coram Deo, fearlessly maintaining doctrinal and organizational integrity despite opposition. We don’t shy away from difficult topics or questions and are not afraid to change course when it does not compromise our core commitments.


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